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Welcome To Waterloo Education

Correlations Are All We Do!
Waterloo Education specializes in correlating educational products to state standards, state tests, and other publications. We provide resources for publishers needing correlations of all types as well as other alignment requests, such as test bank alignments.

Unbiased Correlation Reports
Waterloo Education is a privately held company, with no ties to any publishers. We can provide you with truly un-biased, third party reviews of your product. We have a large group of specialists in a wide-variety of subject areas ready to work on your request.

Our Commitment to Quality
Every correlation request is thoroughly researched to ensure that the state standards used are the most up-to-date. Our subject area specialists are trained in the processes of correlating. They are designated to one publisher or program, so repeated experience with the product results in more familiarity and a better quality product. 

Our Story
Waterloo Education, LLC is based in Austin, Texas and was founded in April 2005 by Linda McCoy-Schriever. Linda has 8 years of experience in the Correlations and Alignment field and has worked with a wide variety of programs and publishers. Linda started as a Quality Control Administrator, proofreading and checking the accuracy of correlations at Publishers Resource Group. She held the positions of Assistant Project Manager, Account Manager, Executive Account Manager and Director in the Correlations and Alignment department, and eventually oversaw the Editorial and Correlations division as Managing Director. Linda has extensive experience and is exceedingly familiar with the correlation process.

Waterloo Education takes its name from the first settlement in this area of Texas, Waterloo, which was later renamed after Stephen F. Austin.

Contact Us
Click on the contact link at the left to send us an overview of your request. A Waterloo Education representative will research the state and program you requested and get back to you to further specify your request and provide you with a competitively priced bid.

You can contact Linda directly at or at 512.322.0502.

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